FVYDID is 100% Focused

We don’t necessarily have a “Big End Goal” right now. We don’t know exactly where FVYDID will end up. But we do know that we love to create art. That makes us happy. Pronounced FADED, Established in 2016, FVYDID is not an acronym. FVYDID is a collective Brand, Label, Lifestyle made up of talented Artists that live & breathe creativity.

FVYDID isn’t limited to solely music. We plan to publish Books, Paintings, Graphic Art, Clothes, TV Shows, Short Films, Movies, and of course Music (Digital & Physical [CDs/Vinyls]). The goal is to be satisfying all senses. Providing our audience with a memorable experience that leaves them needing more. Centered around positivity and high quality art, FVYDID is about helping good art get out to the public. We provide a platform that helps artists gain recognition & income off there work. We make it possible for artists to be locked away in there zone, pumping out art, and that be there only focus. FVYDID is for the artist in every way possible. We’re hands on, and believe in over communication. We’re 100% focused on the project in front of us. We also have an experienced business team that makes sure the art is protected and distributed in the most beneficial way possible for the Artist. For more information contact FVYDID@gmail.com.