Remixing Services

“Your investing time and energy into your music, I take that seriously. You want your music to sound great, I do too. Let’s work together.”


Once JackEL has received your order he will review your Music and discuss with you your track requirements and turn around time.

JackEL regularly works on composing music for artists around the world. Submit your music, including specs & preferences. Best to be 32 BIT WAV Stems. Please contact JackEL for more information.

Turnaround Time

Due to the bespoke nature of music production turnaround times can average from anything between 2 days to 2 weeks. If you have a required turn around time please state this in your job specifications. JackEL will be able to cater for a quick turn around at no extra cost. Please be aware that by specifying a longer turnaround time JackEL is able to spend more time producing your track.



“JackEL is a Musical Genius and is way ahead of his time. His quality is amazing!”Nikki Phoenix
“Such a diversified Music Producer. Such a Radio Quality Sound! JackEL is headed to the top.”Skip Martin
“I get all my Music Produced/ Mixed & Mastered by JackEL. He’s the best, hands down.”VIP

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