Skype 1 on 1 Mentoring Session

“Your investing time and energy into your music, I take that seriously. You want your music to sound great, I do too. Let’s work together.”

Personal Experience

JackELs Skype Mentoring Sessions is an artistic development series that provides a comprehensive skill set of techniques acquired from his prolific 8 years of experience in electronic music production.

Achieve Success

These extraordinary sessions are targeted to increase your productivity and efficiency in writing finished compositions in Ableton Live and providing you with all the tools you would need to fast track your production, accelerate your workflow and achieve the success that will make music sustainable for you.


“JackEL is a Musical Genius and is way ahead of his time. His quality is amazing!”Nikki Phoenix
“Such a diversified Music Producer. Such a Radio Quality Sound! JackEL is headed to the top.”Skip Martin
“I get all my Music Produced/ Mixed & Mastered by JackEL. He’s the best, hands down.”VIP

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